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WOW! Optimization

WOW! is defined as an expression of positive web user experience. The Wow effect is about going the extra mile for your online users. Any website owner would like their users to appreciate their website and keep surfing it. With The WOW Factor you create true evangelists for your business.

Though expensive putting money into creating The WOW Effect does make sense, because your customers are willing to pay more for such outstanding service, especially if you can reduce your marketing budget and increase your margin. Creating The WOW Factor! is not something that is done once. It is an ongoing process of constantly exceeding customer expectations.

Application Of WOW! Factor
To make your website WOW! friendly, we make sure that the site is usable, every which way. That is why; we call it -the 360 approach. In getting your website the WOW! factor, we work on the following parameters that are crucial to make your portal usable and Wow-able. They are:

  • Speed Optimization
  • Readability Optimization
  • Usability Heuristics
  • User Requirement Analysis
  • W3c Standards
  • ISO Quality

How WOW! Optimization Suffice You:

Getting the WOW! symbol on your homepage is the smartest way to enhance your web presence. The instant benefits of WOW! include:

  • Spontaneous value reflection
  • Building instant customer rapport
  • Exceeding user expectations
  • Winning customer devotion
  • E-loyalty and repeat business
  • You stand apart from the dot coms clutter.

The Plus Factors Of WOW!

1. WOW! … its your opportunity to become the market leader!

Studies show that ONLY 12% of the strategic companies use formal methods to determine users’ needs. With WOW! You can count yourself as one of the pioneers and gain that competitive edge!

2. WOW! is cost effective. It helps reduce:

  • Complexities in design, site structure and navigation.
  • Over designing
  • Download time
  • Readability and terminological complexities
  • Decision making process

3. It ensures maximum ROI for your business by:

  • Effectively deploying your resources
  • Reducing your time to market
  • Minimizing costs and improving your profit margins
  • Increasing your market share.

4.Same look and feel, but with higher efficiency

It means that, in getting optimized for WOW! We do not change the look/ design of your existing website (unless you want us to). We just work towards making your website simpler and effective to your end user.

5.Language Translation Optimization

Your website becomes easily translatable into other languages. So any user across the globe can access your website and read the contents in his language, without any problems, whatsoever!


With WOW! Optimization, your website can be accessed anywhere in the world, on any monitor and any operating system, no matter how outdated or advanced it is!

Optimize to say WOW!

Creating The WOW! Effect will not come into use if it is not done profitably. The trick is to figure out how to create a big impact for as little additional cost as possible. Don't forget though, creating The WOW! Effect can help to raise the average margin on products and services, allowing you to charge your customers for such outstanding service.

Save money, add value to your e-businesses, stand apart from competitions,
Contact us now for a FREE Basic Web Site Usability Review, to get a feel of our web usability services towards strategizing your next business move.

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