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Web Usability Training

Our Usability Consulting’s training courses will, bring your team up to date on, usage centered web design ideas and techniques.

We're happy to create bespoke courses, to suit the needs of your team.

1.) Understanding web site usability

This one day training course will help website professionals to:

  • Understand the motivations, attitudes and skill levels of the people who use their websites
  • Increase their awareness of usage centered web design, why it makes better websites and how to apply it
  • Become familiar, with some established user interface design techniques, based on research to, help them avoid or remove common mistake
  • Find out "where to go next" to learn more about, usage centered web design.

The course is composed of 4 main sessions, each with one or more accompanying exercises.

Participants receive a folder containing slides from the training days, additional notes and spaces for note taking.

2.) Hands- on training on Usage Centered Web Development

This two day training course will help interactive web site developers and designers to:

  • Increase their awareness of usage centered web design, why it makes better web sites and how to apply it
  • Gain first hand experience in applying a wide range of usage centered web development techniques
  • See for themselves that UCWD, really does make a better
    web site
  • Find out "where to go next", to learn more about usage centered web development.

The course is very practical in nature. Participants will work in groups, on a series of exercises to, develop an imaginary web site based on a real-world paper-based web site.

Participants receive a folder containing key slides for the training days and spaces for note taking.

Web Usability Seminar

Though web usability is becoming more and more critical to on-line success, most of the developer’s have had no formal training in it. That’s why your growing knowledge of web usability should be a key professional advantage. During this seminar you will gain insight in the importance of web usability through dozens of practical examples. You will learn to recognize web usability problems so you can avoid them or find alternative solutions for them. The review of your company's web site will give you a head start to improve your site's usability.

You will be able to pinpoint the web usability problems, and offer design solutions. The web usability analyst brings the critical success factor to bear throughout the web development life cycle. That is, designing for the end user.


Understanding new media

  • What is new media? How is it different?
  • Importance of users in new media
  • The importance of online usability
  • Satisfied visitors
  • Return on investment
  • Usability as attitude

Recognizing usability pitfalls during the development process

  • Determining the site's goal
  • Technology and design versus web usability
  • Your web site is there for your users, not for yourself
  • Users are not web usability experts

The most important web usability problems and how to avoid them

  • Compatibility
  • Add-ons and plug-ins
  • Informative homepage and overview pages
  • Clear and predictable navigation
  • Click ability and the importance of links
  • Legibility and reading speed
  • Optimal use of the screen
  • Search and results
  • Clear and correctly functioning forms

Web Usability in theory and practice

  • Checklists: what are they and why use them?
  • W3C standards
  • ISO and WebUsability
  • WebUsability tests: what are they and why use them?


  • You gain insight in the importance of web usability.
  • You learn to avoid web usability problems as well as finding solutions for your company’s web projects.
  • You get to know the pros and cons of different test methodologies.
  • You learn to identify the most important usability strengths and weaknesses of your web site, together with our expert.
  • The India’s leading web usability firm will credential you.
  • You can become a recognized web usability authority within your company.
  • Websickle Certification can help you progress in your career path.


Everyone in your company who is involved in the development of Internet projects (project managers, marketing managers, webmasters, programmers).

Time frame: 1 or 2 days.

Please note- Projects involving training of staff, with regard to testing techniques and related skills, is restricted only to Companies located in India, for the time being.

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