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Website Speed Optimization

Speed becomes the most important issue when we surf through a website, users normally open the website expecting faster result for his search. Try holding your breath for as long as it takes your homepage to load. The maximum time you would give for website to open before leaving it in frustration is about 8 seconds. This may as well lead to the downfall of a developing online business.

Studies show that 65 percent of shopping carts with contents end up unsold.
As much as $4.35 billion in e-commerce sales may be lost each year due to poor download speeds.
According to Forrester Research, 58 percent of first time customers will not return to a site that takes time to download.

With the arrival of faster service providers like PDA and WAP, web users tend to become more impatient with other slower services. In that case, it is very necessary to speed optimize the websites so that the web users do not switch over to your competitor. Speed optimization can increase minimum of 20% speed for any given website. It is the most effective way to retain the users, for a particular website. . If a user search the Web using a keyword and if your Web site is not available in the first level of the results then your site is out of Web business! In other words most sites get a large proportion of their daily traffic from popular search engines or directories. Speed has become a differentiator between great service and even greater web service.

How To Optimize The Speed Of The Website?

Technically the speed is influenced by various factors including the server and ISP, and the internet network but forget these. It is the user's computer and their connection to the internet that is the true limiting factor; and you have no control over this.

Unfortunately, the delays are cumulative, meaning that we are not going to get snappy response times simply by improving a single link in the chain. For example if you upgrade from a dial-up modem to an ISDN line, you typically get twice as good Web performance but not the five times improvement implied by the bit speed rates.

Slow download time can also be the result of the gratuitous graphics and too much content cramped in one page as well as the unwanted pop-up ads.
Pictures and artwork are almost always the largest measured by their data space. Obviously one approach you might take is to not have graphics, but that results in very dull web pages. It also diminishes the value of the web. The trick is to find a balance. Also there are a number of tricks that can reduce the size of each graphic without reducing the quality.

Benefits Of Speed Optimization

Speed optimization has certain benefits.

  • Results in faster response and flow time.
  • Easy accessibility to information
  • Understand how download delays affect user psychology
  • Bandwidth reduced with less strain on the server
  • Reduce graphic and multimedia drag
  • Optimize Flash and PDF files
  • Perform search engine optimization

These benefits finally leads to the basic motto of any website, that is to retain users, with their satisfaction in using the website.
Now that many companies are effectively using web service to their advantage, you need to find other things to take you and your organization beyond just good service. In other words, customers are not just looking for companies who give good service compared to their competition. They are looking for companies who give fast and efficient than the competition. Speed and quick response need to somehow be integrated into virtually every e-businesses.

Save money, add value to your e-businesses, stand apart from competitions,
Contact us now for a FREE Basic Web Site Usability Review, to get a feel of our web usability services towards strategizing your next business move.

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