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Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our methodology & process we follow to optimize a site
According to a study by Forrester Research 81% of consumers find web sites via search engines. Search-generated traffic is among the most-qualified and best-converting traffic that can be driven to a web site, because search engine users are looking for information usually in conjunction with a buying decision.
Success means that someone looking for your site can find it when they enter relevant search keywords or phrases.
WebSickle is proud of our ability of working closely with our customers and suppliers to achieve excellent results in search engines.
Using a methodology based on our experience, we identify the ideal mix of strategies to accomplish your specific goals - ensuring both cost-effective marketing solutions and quality results.

Our unique seven steps SEO approach

Step 1. Initial Consultation:
First thing we do when starting a new search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is find out the goals for your site and the optimization in general. This information also helps us figure out how much rewriting or editing of the copy will be necessary to reach those goals.

Step 2. Analysis of Competitors:
We research & analyze your top competitors, study them so as to help you identify the best online marketing opportunities in your industry and also choose the keywords to be targeted.

Step 3. Development of targeted keywords list:
Success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. At this point, you have to send a list of the phrases that you feel are important to your site. Unlike our competitors, we spend a lot of effort on keyword analysis and research for you.

Step 4. Editing the copy:
Once the keyword phrases are chosen for each page of the site, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and start utilizing them within the web pages. At this step you have the option of getting your copy edited/rewritten from our copywriter (Charges Extra) OR to get it done in-house, by following the instructions send by us.

Step 5. Optimizing HTML code:
At this point we will optimize the html code. This is important factor in helping the search engine spiders to properly classify your site.

Step 6. Uploading & submitting the pages:
When your code is optimized, it's finally time to upload your new pages to your server and submit them to the search engines. We manually submit the optimized page URLs to the major search engines. At this point it's also time to perform your directory submissions or directory change requests. Pleases note WE ONLY USE ETHICAL, NON-SPAM TECHNIQUES, which means no doorway pages, hidden text etc.

Step 7. Rank reporting, monitoring & tweaking the site accordingly:
At this point, the only thing left to do is wait for your rankings to roll in! Usually it takes 2-3 months for your website to show up in search engines. If you've paid for inclusion with the search engines and directories that offer this, you'll start to see results within a week or two. We at WebSickle believe in long-term relationships, which means going that extra mile to make the relationship stable and transparent, working with you rather than for you.

Ideal for: Any web sites wanting to penetrate maximum user base through search engines and directories for maximum market share.

What we require for SEO?

  • Past 3 months log report of your web site to study the traffic pattern
  • Geographical focus of the site
  • Language/ culture profile of users
  • Keyword suggestion if you have any
  • 3 to 5 URL of your competitors

Before you commit to SEO

"It takes time, patience and commitment to achieve a good search engine position."

High search engine rankings do not happen over night. A successful search engine optimization program takes time, patience and commitment. The amount of time to obtain desirable search engine rankings will depend primarily on the competitiveness of the keywords and phrases chosen for the search engine optimization program. Typically, existing websites with some high search engine rankings for competitive search terms and good link popularity can reach desirable search engine rankings within 3 to 7 months.

Companies with websites with low link popularity and poor search engine rankings for competitive keywords and phrases can expect to reach their search engine ranking goals within 3 to 12 months. Time lines vary widely due to keywords/phrases competitiveness, amount of website redesign, copywriting, architecture redesign, and many other factors influencing the complexity of the search engine optimization program.

"...it takes team work and open communication."

Putting together search engine optimization programs require teamwork from many levels. Input and feedback from marketing staff, advertising agencies, webmasters, management, and other company representatives are necessary to determine appropriate search engine rankings objectives and strategies.

Open lines of communication between WebSickle staff and client is vital to ensure that appropriate search engine rankings, objectives and guidelines are understood and time lines are achieved. Everyone involved should be easy to contact and provide timely feedback and suggestions.

Once the website pages are optimized, it is important that the client NOT make any changes to the website without communicating the intention to the search engine optimization firm. Months of search engine optimization work (search engine rankings) can be flushed down the drain in a matter of seconds when web pages are modified or altered. Therefore, to protect your investment and search engine rankings, it is always best to consult us firm first before any website modifications are conducted.

Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your e-businesses

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