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Usability Audit

Usability Audit is a cost effective Web usability review, one of our unique black box service.
While auditing your Web site we reviews for in-depth cross-functional quality violations spanning communication, marketing, technology, design and functionality, from a users perspective. On conclusion a detailed confidential report is delivered with expert suggestions for modifications.

Why Usability Audit?
The best way to optimize quality user experience is to measure, over time, the factors that contribute to poor performance. Use that information making smart business decisions. Knowing how your Web site performs is critical because often, by the time they realize their mistakes and do an expensive revamping, the brand image and credibility of the Web site must have damaged. Why take chances?

Typical process of a Usability Audit

  • Gather
  • Analyze
  • Conclude
  • Report
  • Deliver

Criteria reviewed while Usability Audit
Experts will evaluate the Web site for fourteen major Web usability criteria's developed from our refined findings.

Our 14 Web usability check list

  1. Is the Web site trustworthy
  2. Is the Web site interested in users
  3. Is the Web site deferential for users
  4. Is the Web site forthcoming to users
  5. Is the Web site responsive to users
  6. Is the Web site well-informed to users
  7. Is the Web site perceptive to users
  8. Is the Web site available to users
  9. Is the Web site self-confident and stays focused
  10. Is the Web site taciturn about its personal problems
  11. Does the Web site use common sense
  12. Does the Web site anticipates user needs
  13. Does the Web site gives instant gratification to users
  14. Does the Web site follows consistency and standards

Advantages from Usability Auditing your Web site

  • Add users satisfaction to your Web site
  • Saves time and money by retaining only "usable" features
  • Your Web site becomes quick and easy to maintain
  • Helps to earn better stock value through confident appeal
  • Helps to put your Web site ahead of competitors through best practices
  • Ensures repeated business through user satisfaction
  • Added business through recommendations from positive user experiences
  • Serves as compromise for an expensive usability test
  • Trustworthiness improved reflecting professionalism
  • Embarrassments evaded

What are the deliverables ?
On conclusion a detailed and secured Plow test report can be downloaded from our Web site. We respect your privacy and under no circumstances your Plow test report will not be passed to your competitors or for public.

Usability Audit philosophy

Bring fast, quality and affordable Web usability review for professional web sites, helping them to profit from user satisfaction.

Also read Usability Audit FAQ on who, when, why, how fast, how affordable, and cost justification.

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