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Our unique approaches to web usability

It is a tough balancing act, to remain open-minded and flexible to respond to conatantly evolving technology, userneeds, web standards in e-market conditions, and at the same time, maintain a rigorous approach to test management. In order to maintain this balance, we use the following approach to develop successful user experiences:

Our simple practical philosophy

R A C R Philosophy:

Reach: Reach maximum user base

Attract: Attract maximum users you reach

Convert: Convert maximum users you attract

Retain: and retain maximum users you convert.


The 80-20 Approach of working smarter:

At Websickle, we believe in working smart, on that one winning proposition that will guarantee you maximum return on your investments. Our strategy behind adopting the 80-20 approaches is to help you, effectively grab that 20% of the highly potential user base, which contributes to 80% of your business.

With objectives defined precisely and tasks set, clearly, it is but obvious that the 80-20 approach is a cost-effective, practical approach. One that seeks to achieve maximum returns with a minimum of efforts!

Our attitude to work

With you, right through. Our constant endeavor Heuristic evaluationis to provide your users with a unique online experience that caters to their needs and desires, while not sacrificing the unique elements of your web site’s brand, standards or best practices. We also focus on how to improve your web project’s usability and help you achieve business through simplicity, clarity and user friendliness.

We work with clients in every phase of the web development process beginning in the prototype stage and extending through the full deployment of the site. Our clients tell us they come to us for the following reasons:

Fast: Same like our speed optimization services we execute projects fast and effecient
Innovative: We come up with solutions to difficult problems
Reliable: We rely on manual testing procedure for reliability, still delivering on time and within budget
Flexible: Able to deal with changes in schedule and requirements
Communicative: We get along well with engineers, marketers, and other design teams
Insightful: We are really good at figuring out what your customers need
Experienced: Though usability span to many areas of our daily life our focus was on web usability We've been in business since the early days of web while our compitators try all tricks from flashy web designing to web programming outsourcing.

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