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FAQ: WebSickle Usability Consulting

How is WebSickle different from other firms?

Web usability is our core business and we are the pioneers of web usability consulting in India . WebSickle has developed the reputation for three main things:

  • Able to quickly gain a deep understanding of a client's customer - the 'end user'
  • Very wide experience with web development and promotion, not typically seen in many large user experience firms
  • Delivering high quality work on time and within budget.

We believe in catering to our client's various needs and constraints to achieve the best results possible rather than professing a design dogma. We also are one of the few firms that has a strong breadth and depth of experience in developing usable web projects. This allows us to be very creative and flexible in developing web solutions for you.

Why hire an outside web usability consultant?

It is helpful to get an unbiased opinion about your web site from a third party with a lot of experience. Many times during the design process, the people involved can no longer "see" the web site objectively, what we call as tunnel vision. Hiring an outside consultant not only provides you with an objective point of view but also provides you with all the benefits of a deep expertise in the web usability area.

What if I have only a very small budget or only a short amount of time to do anything?

The WebSickle team has a varied and deep level of experience. Clients can take advantage of our Web Usability Audit service, which provides quick and inexpensive design and usability feedback without organizing a user test.

How do I figure out who the user is?

WebSickle uses a number of methodologies to determine who the user is. We can do storyboards illustrating typical and general use of a web site. We can create personas in which we explore how different types of people would use the web site and we can conduct user research to understand the points of view of various types of people using the site.

How will I know which techniques or user studies to use on my web site?

WebSickle will work closely with you to create a unique program of work that specifically caters to your web project's goals and requirements.

Where is Bangalore and why are you based there?

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India. We are based here because it provides a very good user pool of a cross-section of people and professions.

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