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Competitive Analysis

Are customers buying from other websites and not from yours? Why is that? Competitive benchmarking and evaluation is the most effective way of finding out, as using our processes we analyze every aspect of your site and theirs. If it's easier, faster, less concerning and more pleasant to use a competitor then you need to know why, and how you can improve you site to beat them.

Competitive benchmarking and evaluations provide you with a clear picture of how you stand against your competitors, and how you can quickly improve.

When selling a product, how does your product compare to others in the marketplace? Customers use a range of factors when making a purchasing decision, but some of these almost always come down to usability, including:

  • How easy is it to use?
  • How fast is it to use?
  • How long will it take to learn?
  • How much will it cost to support?
  • Will it increase or decrease user satisfaction?

Using our competitive analysis methodology we can evaluate any number of competitive interfaces against your own and provide a wealth of information on how you stand in comparison to them. This can include positive and negative usability points as well as measurements on cognitive friction; time and effort required to complete core tasks.

How We Do Competitive Analysis?

As a part of Competitive Analysis, we test your competitors' web sites with users, to learn what works well and what doesn't, before you even start designing. We recruit people who, match your user profile and watch them, as they use the web sites, discussing problems as and when they arise. We'll supply you with a written report, so that you can apply the findings to the design or redesign of your own web site. This process normally takes 5 days, and we need around 2 weeks to recruit users.


At the end of 5 days you will receive:

  • An executive summary, picking out the key areas of interest for those hard pressed for time.
  • A detailed discussion, of the test results and usability problems we found, with the different web sites.
  • Our recommendations, on the lessons to be learnt from the competitor sites. We'll report back on, particular features that the users liked, as well as those that were disliked, to help you plan your web site.
  • The results spreadsheet from the test, containing numeric data and users' comments.
  • Recordings of the test sessions if requested.

Additionally, on day 6, the results will be presented:

WebSickle can present the results and discuss them with you and your team at your offices or through a teleconference.

Benefits Of Competitive Analysis

As a result of competitive analysis, get a thorough and comprehensive report on the competitor’s position in business, which leads you to communicate your competitive advantage effectively to win potential customers. This can also help you know your position in the market-wherein lies the competition. You might find that there are some categories of customers whose needs are not being met. If you can satisfy unmet needs, you'll develop a market "niche."

Competition is the key to success. You tend to improve your website only when you have a competitor at the other side of the market. With the help of competitive analysis you can avoid the costly mistake of starting a business without adequate demand. You can then redirect your efforts toward something that will pay off instead.

Save money, add value to your e-businesses, stand apart from competitions,
Contact us now for a FREE Basic Web Site Usability Review, to get a feel of our web usability services towards strategizing your next business move.

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