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Key Business Benefits of Web Usability

  • Conversion Rate: the likelihood of successfully driving visitors to purchase
  • Cost Per Visitor: the cost of each site visitor to your business
  • Average Order Value: changes in the overall audience makeup and the affect on the online revenue patterns
  • Percent New Visitors: the number of potential new customers landing on your site
  • Ratio of New to Returning Visitors: the ratio of new to previously acquired visitors
  • Page "Stickiness": the likelihood of successfully retaining a visitor who arrives at a key landing page
  • Ratio of Leads to Close: the likelihood a lead will complete the transaction
  • Ratio of New to Returning Visitors: the ratio of new to previously acquired visitors
  • Length of Visit: the amount of time a visitor spends on your site in a given visit
  • Average Page Views: the number of pages the visitor visited can indicate the strength of your visitor's connection to the stuff you provide
  • Cancellations: the likelihood your subscriber will bid you farewell through unsubscribe or cancellation of payment
  • Percent of Visits Under 90 Seconds: Percent of users that is unlikely to have found the information they sought with satisfaction
  • Percent Returning Visitors: percentage of retained visitors returning to your site
  • Percentage of Visits by Entry Page: top entry points into support content, many of which may be driven from external searches
  • Use Satisfaction Metrics: you also want to determine if the site is successfully handling problems previously directed to your inbound support center
  • Branding: Information architecture and functionality are user-focused
  • Quality: Web site is with quality standards
  • Loyalty Improved: Users consider the web site highly usable. Identify and characterize current web users
  • Web site is transactional: with features that are usable and appropriate
  • Readable content: Content is tailored for the end users. Content is checked and authorized by an appropriate person
  • Management: Effectively develop, publish and manage web content
  • Performance: Web site achieves optimum technical performance
  • Effective management: of project team and resources.

Contact us now for a FREE Basic Web Site Usability Review, to get a feel of our web usability services towards strategizing your next business move.

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