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Web Usability Audit (Web Heuristic Evaluation)

Before redesigning their company’s Web site, Web marketers, developers, and eCommerce professionals are faced with the daunting task of identifying and fixing the site’s weaknesses. Usability testing is an expensive and time-consuming option, and design agencies lack the objectivity of independent, research-based analysis. WebSickle’s Web Usability Audit delivers the best direction by helping you target and prioritize your redesign efforts quickly, cost-efficiently, and objectively.

WebSickle’s Web Usability Audit provides you with an action-oriented assessment of your B2C, B2B or G2C Web site, extranet, or intranet — as well as the opportunity to review your competitors’ sites. Informed by your description of your site’s business objectives and target audience, WebSickle analysts conduct a comprehensive examination of the site that helps you:

  • Understand what to fix before the redesign — and how
  • Determine and defend real estate prioritization
  • Apply the user-experience methodology to multiple users.

Focus On Your Site’s Business And ROI
WebSickle’s Web Usability Audit applies research-based criteria to examine:


  • Does your site offer content and function that closes in sales and enhances your brand?
  • Do your shopping carts and order blanks contain mistakes that kill ROI?


  • Do your menus help users find the value on your site?
  • Does search bring prospects to what they want or frustrate and confuse them?


  • Can users easily understand your value proposition?
  • Do pages waste valuable space that could be used to build relationships?


  • Is task-related help available to the user?
  • Do users have control of their personal data?
  • Is the site consistently fast and reliable?

Web Usability Audit Benefits

Based on a thorough review, as well as WebSickle’s extensive qualitative and quantitative research, each Web Usability Audit provides:

  • An objective, user-based evaluation of your site’s usability
    While conducting the review, WebSickle analysts simulate a representative user experience. As the analyst navigates the site, he or she finds known user experience flaws in the interface and identifies content and functionality that need improvement.
  • Tangible recommendations focused on improving the user experience
    Once analysts have evaluated the usability of the site’s features and functions, WebSickle provides clients with a targeted, action-oriented assessment of the Web site and its role in the company’s online strategy. Suggestions for improvements can range from adding critical product details to redesigning the overall structure.
  • Quick And Cost- Effective Assessment
    Your company may have a history of using surveys, focus groups, automated measurement tools, or technical tests to pinpoint areas on your site for improvement, but these efforts tend to be costly and time-consuming. Expert reviews are the most efficient method and go beyond identifying problems to providing solutions.

Web Usability Audit Deliverables

Overview Of Recommendations- Analysts present their top findings and suggested actions in a self-standing report that cover:

  • Strengths in content, function, navigation, service, reliability, coding and several other areas
  • Important areas for improvement, their priority, and specific recommendations
  • Standards inspection
  • Best practices analysis
  • Interoperability test

Web Usability Audit Report
Clients receive a detailed report (with expert suggestions) that grades the site according to a range of proprietary user experience, quality standards and interoperability tests developed by WebSickle. The tests measure:

Content relevance, freshness, and completeness; functionality, navigation, best practices, layout, and content clarity; degree to which the site helps users find what they want.

Interactivity, personalization, and search engine

Contextual help, security, speed, reliability, and recovery from errors
The report outlines a set of fundamental criteria that all leading sites should meet, whether they’re business-to-business, business-to-consumer or government to customers. Using these criteria, the analyst scores the site and explains strengths and flaws. The final passing or failing mark is based on the overall ease or difficulty of the user’s experience.

Conference Call
To help you make the most of the Web Usability Audit’s conclusions and recommendations, WebSickle includes a follow-up conference call. During the call, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the scorecard and summary, as well as discuss the steps needed to make the suggested improvements. This call provides clients with a richer explanation of the conclusions and recommendations.

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