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Your Key to Successful Online Business

We develop new media strategies based on your business requirements. Our objective approach provides clients with user focused strategies that significantly increases the value of their e-businesses.
We offers clients four levels of service. Choose the level of service that is right for your e-business.

Strategic Social Media Consulting:

WebSickle Consulting serves the role of an expert advisor for online marketing decision makers. We provide personalized services, to assist clients in achieving their e-business marketing objectives.
Through us, you can efficiently access an array of expertise to assist you with your planning, decision-making and implementation of your online marketing plans. We build long-term relationships, based on commitment, trust and confidentiality.

User Experience Research & Analytical Services

We provide a range of analytical services to benchmark your e-business performance and efficiency based on user experience.
Our Heuristic Evaluation, Ethnographic studies or Usability Audit are a few analytical services that can provide in-depth information, well enough to transform your websites to e-business magnets.

E-business Optimization Services

Our unique e-business optimization services helps your customers to achieve their tasks fast and easy reducing the clutter and complexity. Optimizing your e-business can maximize its functionality and performance leading to increased efficiency, customer loyalty and retention.

Web 2.0 Services

End to end implementation, integeration and optimization of social networking, social software, podcasting, blogging and related technologies on turnkey basis. The development is based on the users and their usage to leverage best benefits. A few simple but powerful models of user roles, tasks, Interface, content and style guide toward a better fit with the real needs of users enable your e-business to stand apart from competition cost effectively.