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Why WebSickle Consulting?

Based in Bangalore, India, WebSickle is a Strategic Social Media Consulting firm. Specialists in web usability, quality standards and new age online marketing. Our unique online services will help you transform web sites to successful e-business reflecting professionalism and long-lasting value.

At WebSickle, we have the right blend of people with both traditional marketing and purely online backgrounds analyzing your business problems and coming up with ways to find the best solution to achieve clients' online objectives.

  • Firstly, we find out from our clients what they are trying to achieve from their online presence. We often assist our clients in defining these objectives
  • We will then carry out a full business and environmental analysis to help define the landscape that we're operating in and fully understand the business of our clients and the strategies of their competitors
  • Armed with the knowledge of clearly defined objectives and a thorough understanding of the business space in question, we then go about devising a strategy to achieve these objectives and do so in a manner, which is superior to that of the competition
  • We select the right combination of services, at the right time, to ensure the client maximizes return on investment and that the activity contributes to achieving the goals of the client
  • Our campaigns are continually monitored and adjusted in real-time to guarantee the best possible performance and cost-effectiveness, and to make sure they are contributing as planned to the overall objectives
  • A full post-activity retrospective is carried out on all activity, with a breakdown of all individual aspects of the campaign. This is then compared to the original objectives set out at the beginning of the project and we evaluate how the overall campaign has performed. We also use this key information going forward for future strategies and activity to ensure optimum performance at all times.

We study your users, in ways useful for your e-business

We understand your online user's character, behavior, and context-the patterns and complexities of their daily e-business interactions. With the help of this vital information we conceive, envision, and inform what functionalities, services and communications that can add value to your e-business.

This creates e-business value
Increased acceptance/market penetration and increased effectiveness. Your e-businesses are more likely to make things that users want, and more likely to reach the right people with the right communication. Reduce misspent development costs by making it right the first time. Discover market white space unseen opportunities (set your competition on their heels--be first to market, etc.)
More specifically, we tackle e-business issues like...

  • This technology / market / media / etc. looks interesting. How can we benefit?
  • We need direction. What's next?
  • This has potential. How can we maximize it?
  • Resolve mismatch between company's offerings and customer's feedback, expectations, behavior
  • Functionalities/services that should get more/less emphasis
  • Are we targeting the right segment?
  • Do we need to improve? if yes then where to focus?
  • Are we wasting resources?
  • This isn't working. How can we fix it?

Converting Visitors to Customers
Bringing visitors to your website is not enough. You need to convert visitors into customers. Whether your intention is for visitors to make an online purchase, download your brochure or pick up the phone and call you, your website must be designed to achieve these goals.
At WebSickle Consulting we understand that being ranked number one in search engines is just the first step. Driving targeted traffic to your site is the next step. But in order to achieve your online business objectives, WebSickle Consulting goes further. We work with our clients to ensure that visitors complete critical tasks at the client's website.

Customer Acquisition and Retention
Converting visitors into customers is a key objective, and at WebSickle Consulting we understand the processes behind successful customer acquisition and retention.
The Internet has provided many opportunities for marketers to target prospects on a one-to-one basis. However, the Internet has also given users the opportunity to compare and contrast different providers with great ease.
The competition is never more than a mouse click away, but professional acquisition and retention techniques can ensure that your web site works to drive repeat business.