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Web Usability Audit

Your site has been up and running for a while now. Its performance and contribution is hard to measure but you think that it can do more for your business. Redesign the site? Add features or content? Where do you start? What your priorities should be?

Our Web Usability and Strategic Audits are a consulting service to help you with complex e-business systems, extranets, intranets and web portals.

Web Usability Audits focus on specific site features and whether these features meet user needs in a convenient and efficient way.

Strategic E-Business Audits focus on higher-level issues such as the overall business goals of your site or application and then analyzing the e-business system, which would meet these goals in the most effective way.

Our Web Usability Audit can Answer your E-business Issues

A web Usability Audit is commissioned when there is a need to identify the major usability issues with an e-business without performing in-depth studies. The audit can be performed very quickly and enables the prioritisation of areas of the e-business requiring enhancement. We assure an unbiased approach and complete objectivity for every audit.

Stop Fire Fighting and get your Web Audited

Industry experts say that over 90% of web sites have poor usability. Read more about the business case for usability.Low usability of your site can impact your business in many different and expensive ways:

  • Decrease your brand equity
  • Lower customer acquisition and customer retention numbers
  • Reduce your customer service and increase its costs
  • Reduce the effectiveness of your online marketing initiatives
  • Make customer/employee usage of online tools difficult and unappealing.

In general, users have high expectations and are very demanding. Any frustration due to low usability results in users avoiding or reducing visits to your web site as well as creating negative feedback on your site.

Why Use an Independent Web Usability Auditor?

Most companies do not have in-house usability expertise. In addition, in-house expertise is not appropriate for an independent review of an e-business system. Typically, in-house staff have had roles in the planning and development of the system and so are unlikely to provide a disinterested evaluation. Moreover, independent evaluators are less likely to be involved in corporate or departmental politics.

Finally, industry studies tell us that less the 5% of dissatisfied web users will actually tell you that they are unsatisfied. This means that the majority of dissatisfied users will simply avoid using your site.