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About Us

WebSickle provide strategic social media marketing advice based on rigorous market research tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are experts in understanding industry structure and dynamics and in boiling it down to the insights that are most relevant to our clients situations.
We work with organizations to get them off on the right course. Our services in this area help clients to
  • Develop practical social media strategies that directly support their organizationís vision and marketing objectives
  • Align marketing team with their strategic social media marketing agenda
  •  Develop strategic social media marketing plans that are executable within the organization's constraints
  •  Innovate with new ways to do business

Our Focus:

Our prime focus is to offer maximum tangible value to clients. For us "positioning the customer first" is not just an aphorism, but a core value. At WebSickle we are about building lasting business relationship. Our continual efforts are to develop long-term relationships with clients, partnering with them through their social media journey and enabling their online marketing initiatives way beyond.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the absolute best social  media marketing consulting firm measured by the value we deliver to our clients and our strength and spirit as an innovative firm.

Our Mission

  • Create new marketing opportunities
  • Maximize sales effectiveness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase user loyalty
  • Improve brand value

Our approach:

  • Innovative: Unique and innovative social media marketing solutions
  • Reliable: Our deleverables are precise and reliabile
  • Flexible: Able to deal with changes in schedule and requirements
  • Communicative: Open to any specific needs and suggestion
  • Insightful: Always anticipating customers need
  • Experienced: We bring along decades of industry experience