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Web site revamping

According to Forrester Research, Fortune 1000 companies continue to spend an average of 1.5 to 2.1 million US dollars each year on web site redesigns to "update the look-and-feel", without having "any measurable goals for the redesign".

Why revamp your web site?

Badly designed web sites frustrate users and can damage a firm's e-business prospects:

  • A Taylor Nelson Sofres study revealed that companies have only 20 seconds to grab web shoppers' attention. It suggests that web sites that take too long to load, are hard to navigate, bombard consumers with pop-up adverts and force them to register to get access to services could be stunting the growth of e-commerce. Instead, consumers prefer web sites that have a consistent look, are easy to navigate and do not try to cram too much information on one page.

  • More than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a web site if they feel they have to make too many clicks to find what they're looking for, according to a 2001 Internet survey by Knowledge Systems and Research Inc. The survey further revealed that "ease of use/navigation" and "fast download time" were considered to be the two most important and 'sticky' web design features.

  • Most Internet users regularly suffer from 'web rage', according to a Mori study. The most annoying features were found to be the length of time it takes web sites to appear, help buttons that do not offer any help and requests for personal details before being allowed into a site.

Do you need a revamp for your web site ?

You already have a Web site, but...

  • You're not sure why you need it
  • You're not sure who's using it
  • Your users have no idea what you say
  • You're not even sure why users should be using it
  • You have no idea how to get users to use it
  • You like the way it looks, but not the way it works
  • You like the way it works, but not the way it looks
  • You don't like the way it looks or works
  • You're wary of making the same mistakes again.

The web is a new medium and your site may have been a crash-test dummy for your designers and developers. But we can help you put all the pieces back together, whether you need a total revamp or a simple face lift. It's our business to make your web site work for you. And we won't charge you an arm and a leg to do it.

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