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More with less seems to be the mission impossible for web designers: Addressing more customers, a broader audience, more diversity in terms of browsers, more accessibility, users asking for more speed, while spending less to maintain or redesign a web site. Caught between a rock and a hard place, web designers face a formidable challenge. Yet they are finding an unsuspected ally in the battle: web standards. | usability exit The Business Benefits of Web Standards

Find the state of second generation Web sites, from a user advocates perspective.

Despite all the hype about DSL and cable modems, the gartner groupGartner Group predicts that in 2004, 60% of residential internet users will still connect with analog modems (top speed: 56 kbps). Content providers and site developers that target the home market should consider this, and conserve bandwidth by building sites that download reasonably fast over slow connections.

Lack of time, resources and knowledge are often cited as reasons for not involving users in site design and development. But hour for hour, dollar for dollar, research and testing with users are the single best tools for creating successful interactive services. This article, and the accompanying resources, provide you with a starting point for including your users in all phases of site development, including strategy and design. The time to design with users is now. exit Start Now: Develop with Users

exitMicrosoft (Nasdaq: MSFT - news) has made Great Plains 8.0 generally available. Not surprisingly, given its push to emphasize the synergy among its products and applications, many of the 120 improvements in the product were devoted to convergence and usability.

exitGNOME as it exists today is a mature and powerful platform for desktop
applications on Linux. Because the developers have put so much emphasis on
, anyone can quickly become comfortable with a desktop running GNOME.
Large scale deployments in third world countries are a testament to this...

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