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Web Usability for Maximum e-Business Success

Making your Web, intranet or extranet sites easy to use can have a tremendous impact on your business, whether a corporation, non-profit organization or government agency. Improve the usability of your e-businesses, and improve your ROI:

  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve productivity

At WebSickle, a flashy design or a hightech feature that doesn't provide results is not considered successful.We help our clients to make sure that our research, optimization and development services accomplishes their e-business objectives,

We ’ll Make Your Site Better, Faster, and Easier To Use for maximum success
We are quality-reliable, friendly e-business experts who want to help you get the most out of your online ventures. Our focus is on improving usability and achieving business goals through simplicity and clarity of your web site. Our services generate substantial economic results for our clients and better online experiences for their customers.

  1. Research and Analysis
  2. Web Business Optimization Services
  3. Web Developmental Services

Research and Analysis Services

Competitive Analysis: Competitive benchmarking and evaluations provide you with a clear picture of how you position your site better than your competitors, and how well you can quickly improve.

Ethnographic Studies: Ethnographic study is an attempt to gain a comprehensive understanding, from various perspectives, about how an end user experiences a web site, in his own environment. This gives them an idea of how long the observation session might take.

Web Usability Auditing (Heuristic Evaluation): Web Heuristic Evaluation is a method where, a group of usability experts analyze the web site and assess each element of the site, against a list of commonly accepted principles heuristics. If users of the web site get job aids like online help, we provide these to the experts, as well. This helps them evaluate the whole web site, judicially.

Formal Usability Testing: This method formalizes the review of a specification or early prototype. This technique also provides quantitative measurements that could be tracked using, statistical process control methods.

Task Analysis: Task analysis is conducted to understand the current web site and the information flows within it. It is a method of providing an extraction of the tasks users undertake when they open a site. Task analysis makes it possible to design and allocate tasks appropriately within the web site.

Log file Analysis: Log file analysis can determine how effectively users can perceive content and navigational alternatives, since the poorly designed structure and content of the documents themselves can inhibit users from finding what they are looking for.

Web Business Optimization Services

Content Optimization: It is a Bridge between raw data and finer content. Content optimization includes confirming the online text to the aspects of clarity, accuracy and relevance. Content Optimization is used to enrich the accuracy and quality of the text made available to the web users. While writing content for a website we should always keep target audience in mind.

Search Engine Optimization: Good Web site marketing is something that begins with Web site design. Your site should be designed with promotion and marketing in mind. You'll see why, once you understand how search engines work. The first step is designing your pages to be "search-engine friendly."

Speed Optimization: Speed becomes the vital issue when we surf through a website. . The maximum time you would give for website to open before leaving it in frustration is about 8 seconds. This may as well lead to the downfall of a developing online business.

Quality Standards Optimization: Use of web standards contribute to easier site management, a larger audience and a better return on investment. Our web usability consultants will provide the optimization services to check if your websites are validating in compliance with W3c standards or any other benchmark.

Web Usability Optimization: Usability is about optimizing the user experience. Your visitors want to find what they are looking for faster and in a easier way. Maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout your site is critical. The navigation you use on the home page should be carried out throughout your Web site.

WOW! Optimization: WOW! is a logo to authenticate to your home page like an award proclamation and the best way to let the world know that, your website has been optimized to maximum usability, quality standards and best practices. To make your website WOW! friendly, we implement it with a combination of all our web usability and quality standards optimization services.

Usage Centered Web Development Services

Usage Centric Web Development is a systematic, model-driven approach to designing web sites that are easy and pleasant to use. It is a philosophy that asserts that, the design process must be focused on the end user, and that web design is about using creative energy to solve a range of usability problems. Often, the result is faster, simpler web sites that nevertheless fulfill all the genuine functional requirements. Usage centered web development methodology involves the user in all phases of its iterative design cycle.

User Needs Analysis: It is an approach to interactive web development that focuses specifically on making web more users friendly. Problems associated with the use of web interfaces are, too often, wrongly attributed to user incompetence, when in fact it is poor design that is to be blamed.

Prototyping: Prototyping is characterized by a quick and easy translation of high-level design concepts into tangible and testable artifacts High-tech, however, implies higher costs, both temporal and financial, and necessitates good programming skills to implement the prototype.

Other Related Web Services:


Mentoring is the process by which a WebSickle expert quickly and significantly works with the client’s web development team leaders and members to take the group, organization or individual to the next level of e-business strategy, knowledge or performance.The goal of the mentor is not just to “fix” a project, or problem within an e-business. The goal of the mentor is to do the fixing, but also to grow the people and the organization that they are working with.

Web Usability Consulting Services:

A web usability consultant of Websickle is available to help your project teams apply a usage-centered approach to the design, development and evaluation of a web project. The consultant advise the team on selecting appropriate usage-centered activities. Through education, mentoring and modeling, the web usability consultant guides developers and/or stakeholders in planning, conducting and interpreting the results of user-centered activities.

Web Usability Training and Seminars:

We train you’re your in-house team on how important and easy is it to adapt a user centric web approach for profiting,without straining the budget and time schedules.Learn more about our Web Usability Training and Seminars.

Our Guarenteed web usability services

On average our web usability evaluation helps web sites to raise conversion rates between 45% and 75%. Our services are faster, better, affordable and more reliable with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fortune 1000 companies continue to spend an average of 1.5 to 2.1 million US dollars each year on web site redesigns to "update the look-and-feel", without having "any measurable goals in redesigning". - Forrester Research

Save money, add value to your e-businesses, stand apart from competitions,
Contact us now for a FREE Basic Web Site Usability Review, to get a feel of our web usability services towards strategizing your next business move.

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