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Our Portfolio

Prospective clients often ask to see our previous work. This is often difficult because the result of our work is confidential to our clients. To cope with this request we have compiled a set of representative 'project sheets', which each provide an overview of a project and illustrate our capabilities. The selected projects represent different types of projects, different sized companies, and with products at a range of stages of development. There are of course many other projects, which we cannot share publicly.

NVT Quality Group: Quality and ISO certification providers with branchs in India and North America.

Web usability services rendered: Usability optimization to increase speed and remove deprecated tags of the site

Sankar’s Books: A bangalore based book stall with shops in almost all five star hotels and airport.

Web usability services rendered: Usability review, usability optimization, and speed optimization to improve speed, efficiency and best practices.

Lucent:Speed optimization, standard optimization and usability optimization to improve speed, efficiency and best practices of the website

Egg: (Pureplay online banking service)Speed optimization, best practices and standard optimization results in improved speed and efficiency of the site

Talisma:Usability review, speed optimization and standard optimization to increase the speed and efficiency of any browser of a site

Kotak:Usability optimization, standard optimization, speed optimization and best practices to improve speed, usability and standards

Infant Jesus Shrine: Aesthetics and usability and speed optimization lead to increase in speed, usability, better practices and improved accessibility of the site

Speed optimization, accessibility and standards optimization .

Both in the local and international market we have been involved in a lot of projects, which span a wide range of industries. Some of these projects, we cannot share publicly.

Please note: (Confidentiality of our clients is of great importance to us.)

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