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Analyze, Report and Develop Web for Usability

Web Usability procedures are rooted in psychology, and its principles and guidelines are based on few aspects of perceptual, cognitive, and motor behavior of the users- that is, how they see, think, respond and click or move the mouse while using a web site.Even for a simple test there are dozens of categories and thousands of data points to be checked, based on research from academia and industry.

Our methodology represents a engineering approach to achieve usability during web design and development which includes:

  • Structured web usability requirement analysis task. An explicit web usability goal setting task, driven directly by requirement analysis data.
  • Tasks supporting a structured, tops-down approach to user interface design that is driven directly from web usability goals and other requirement data.
  • Objective web usability evaluation tasks for iterating towards usability goals.

Analyze Web Usability issues:

  • Listen to you. Find out your needs, your vision, your requirements, your business objectives
  • Learn about your users, by
    • Interviewing you and your end users
    • Reviewing existing market and user research
    • Commissioning user research, when necessary
  • Learn about the relevant technology
  • Review existing design, style guides, and practice

Evaluate Web Usability Issues:

  • Evaluate your existing web site and user base
  • Document user requirements as an interim report
  • Work with you to refine your site vision based on your users
  • Determine feature sets and applications for your web site
  • Determine user implications of new technologies

Conceptualize Web Usable Design:

  • Create user centric design concepts, and work with you to select the best
  • Design information architecture for the project
  • Test different design solutions out with users (design-cycle usability testing)
  • Prototype testing (Hi fi and Lo fi)
  • Review design concepts with the client and the users

Deliver a Usage Centric Web Design:

  • Create web site user interface specification
  • Create user flow charts
  • Prototype user interface
  • Create detailed prototype of site
  • Creatively solve challenging or new design problems
  • Write style guides or other generic documentation
  • Work with engineering to ensure user centric design
  • Work with developers to ensure feasible design
  • Test different design solutions out with users (design-cycle usability testing)
  • Select layout and colors based on
    • User needs
    • Brand
    • Development and budget

Validate the Web Design and Implementation:

  • Ensure the design is implemented correctly
    • Review each iteration of code
    • Common sense review
    • Heuristic review
    • Manage bug list
  • Perform interim usability tests
  • Review design
  • Work within development schedules
  • Work with implementation problems and update design
  • Provide final specification for your records
  • Provide training to your design teams regarding
    • Design using appropriate technology
    • Style guide application
  • Commission usability test of final implementation

Implementation support

We provide design deliverables to a client’s development team, to guide site coding and implementation. This includes, submitting:

  • A usability test report
  • Design Templates
  • Style guides

We work with your development team through the implementation and testing process, to ensure that the web project meets standard specifications.

Follow up services

Following a site launch, we provide follow-up services for:

  • Site Refinement analysis
  • Site log file analysis
  • Ongoing User Research

Scalable and adaptable web usability services

Some testing like Web Usability Audit can be effectively completed in as little as a few days to a week. Others, such as User Testing, will take longer and will depend not only on the complexity of the test, or number and range of testers included, but also on the desired level of detail in the analysis and inspection.

Choosing different test or evaluation project can impact the time and scope of the project significantly, we can choose techniques that best fits your project goals, priorities, budget and schedule.
Our full web usability life cycle methodology is fully scalable. We will work with you in the proposal stage of a consulting project to adapt the project scope to fit your needs.

Web Usability, Quality, Standards, Best practices, ISO and HCI is the core of all our design and developmental services.

Coverage of services

We can provide consulting for all types of web usability testing issues either onsite or offsite. Projects needing technology transfer of testing techniques and skills to their staff is restricted only inside India for the time being.

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