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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization

According to a study by Forrester Research 81% of consumers find web sites via search engines. Search-generated traffic is among the most-qualified and best-converting traffic that can be driven to a web site, because search engine users are looking for information usually in conjunction with a buying decision.

There are millions of Web sites out there today, and the total number of pages must be in the billions. If a user search the Web using a keyword and if your Web site is not available in the first level of the results then your site is out of Web business! In other words most sites get a large proportion of their daily traffic from popular search engines or directories. This is by far the biggest traffic driver to most sites, please avoid ignoring them!

Submitting to Search Engines

What's the first step in promoting your Web site? Submitting to the search engines? Not quite. Good Web site marketing is something that begins with Web site design. Your site should be designed with promotion and marketing in mind. You'll see why, once you understand how search engines work.

As a Web site owner, you want search engines to send you as many visitors as possible. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are in the databases of as many search engines as possible. When someone searches for something that has to do with your site, you want your site to come up as near the top of the list as possible. In other words, you want to optimize your ranking with the search engine.

Good Web Design – A key element of Site Promotion.
Submitting to search engines is not really the first step in site promotion. The first step is designing your pages to be "search-engine friendly." This means not only using keywords appropriately, but also avoiding certain design techniques that can confuse search engines, such as frames and certain types of dynamic page delivery.

Websickle’s Search engine optimization services

Review Consultation

In a review consultation, our consultants visits your site remotely, investigate any specific problems, and then submit the review as a report.

Search Engine Submission Service

The Search Engine Submission Service involves submitting your site to the major search engines and directories which now make up the majority of search services on the web. It also includes the creation of a custom title tag and meta tags for the home page of your web site, which is the most important page read by the remaining crawler-based search engines. The service includes a review of your chosen terms to ensure that you are targeting the best possible phrases.

Search Engine Optimization

Most sites don't appear higher in crawler-based search engine rankings because not enough care is taken to ensure appropriate words appear in key locations on web pages within the site. By Search Engine Optimization, we provide suggestions for specific pages within your site aimed at helping rank improvement for your target terms. This helps you maximize the ability for people to find your site via terms that occur naturally on your pages, with little effort or expense on your part.

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