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Measuring satisfaction

Satisfaction is composed of comfort and acceptability of use. Comfort refers to overall physiological or emotional responses to use of the system (whether the user feels good, warm, and pleased, or tense and uncomfortable). Acceptability of use may measure overall attitude towards the system, or the user's perception of specific aspects such as whether the user feels that the system supports the way they carry out their tasks, do they feel in command of the system, is the system helpful and easy to learn. If satisfaction is low when efficiency is high, it is likely that the user's goals do not match the goals selected for measurement of efficiency.

Measures of satisfaction can provide a useful indication of the user's perception of usability, even if it is not possible to obtain measures of effectiveness and efficiency.

Why a measuring is important?

Do you use a Bathroom Scale? We humans constantly measues and guages almost every thing we come accross either conciously or unconciously. Sucess is achived from decisions deriving from good judgements. Measuring helps us managing things better.

Quality cannot be controlled without measuring. The best way to optimize quality user experience is to measure, over time, the factors that contribute to poor usability performance. Use that information for making smart business decisions.
Knowing how your Web site performs is critical because often, by the time they realise their mistakes and do an expensive revamping, the brand image and credibility of the Web site must have damaged. Why take chances?

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