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Common questions on Usability Audit

Who can use "Usability audit"?
Anybody who cares about connecting to customers online. Your Web site has a good chance of standing out and attracting customers if you make it fast and easy for them to use.

When to Audit your web site?

  • At any stage of Web life cycle
  • You care for quality and your brand reputation
  • Utilize full potential of your Web site
  • You feel your Web log reports are not productive enough
  • The last major inquiry you received was months back
  • Before preparing for an expensive usability test
  • You want to stay ahead
  • Stop spending and start earning from your Web site
  • When you are doubtful about your Web site performance

How is Usability Audit unique?

  • Unlike a Heuristic review we go deep into Web pages to dig out all aspects violating quality.
  • It is a complete quality test for your web site from users perspective.
  • Fastest- within 24 hours on request
  • My personal care attention for all projects
  • Affordable- without quality compromise
  • Different - you have to experience it
  • Reports are kept confidential
  • Effective and best value for money
  • Expert conclusions and suggestions
  • Could use the report as a quality manual for future reference
  • All tests are done manually by humans (no Tractors used)
How fast will I receive a Usability Audit report?
Maximum 6 working days, from the day your payment reached us. Emergency Usability Audit within 24 hours is possible on extra $100.

Cost justify Usability Audit
If it costs few $100 to conduct a Usability Audit, would you save an anticipated $15,000 in rework and redevelopment if itís not done? Will you gain any competitive advantage with your end result if the quality is higher than a competitorís because you performed Usability Audit?
Auditing late after your user has had an awful experience compounds both your financial and reputation costs and the user experience cannot be salvaged.

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